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This portal page aggregates content relevant Fuel Cell Forklift / Material Handling applications.

Advantages of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for Forklift / Materials Handling

  • Performance
    • Increased productivity
    • No degradation of power over time
    • Constant efficiency even at partial loads
    • Reduced downtime
    • Fuel cells are more efficient at converting fuels to energy than diesel engines
  • Operation
    • One person can be trained in a matter of hours to refuel the truck reducing the need for an additional operator
    • The required infrastructure requires significantly less footprint
    • Refuelling is considerably quicker than the battery charging process
    • Fuel cell systems are designed to be interchangeable with battery packs
    • Additional refuelling points can be installed to reduce the distance travelled to refuel and the associated downtime.
  • Environmental
    • Using renewable hydrogen there are no direct harmful emissions - CO2, NOx, SOx or particulates
    • Only emits water vapour
    • Very quite operation
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