Education, Awareness and Outreach

Creating demand for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies is really all about education. The Advantages & Benefits of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies are substantial and clear.

Fuel Cell Markets helps create demand for fuel cell & hydrogen technologies by focussing on education of these primary target groups:

School children of all ages – we believe that children should be exposed to alternative energy technologies and paradigms as part of the energy education in the national curriculum.

College and University Students are very important targets for alternative energy technology education. Not only are they in a very conducive environment for learning, with access to considerable facilities, educational budgets and teaching staff, but they are the next generation to enter the workforce.

The General Public obviously constitutes a large proportion of energy users. Energy education has typically been fairly scarce in the past, and most people just do not realise that there are alternatives to centralised energy infrastructures and traditional energy technologies such as combustion engines, boilers and the national grid.

Traditional Energy Industry personnel, companies and organisations are an extremely important part of the equation. Contrary to popular opinion, the development of the fuel cell and hydrogen industry is not necessarily in conflict with the traditional energy industry. Rather, the development of the fuel cell industries has been largely funded and driven by existing energy companies. However, there is a gap that needs to be bridged.

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Governments around the world are very important to fuel cell & hydrogen technology commercialisation efforts. Government support is essential to implement the necessary legislation, regulation, codes & standards and financial incentives framework for a successful and speedy transition to a more sustainable energy paradigm.

Although Fuel Cell Markets does not directly lobby government, we aim to provide an educational resource for use by global, regional, national and local governments. We also provide the communications platform and technology to enable the networks, organisations and associations already involved with lobbying and applying for government support and funding to do so better.

The benefits to government of mass adoption of fuel cell & hydrogen technologies are vast and wide-reaching.

Academia drives the research and development of fuel cell & hydrogen technologies around the world, whether it is funded publicly or privately. Although it might seem like a bold claim to be educating the academic community, that is exactly what we aim to do. Many academics have told us that they are so busy concentrating on their own research that they often miss interesting and important developments in parallel or other relevant fields. It is also vital to ensure that communications between academia and the rest of the world are open and clear so that lessons learnt in the lab are applied elsewhere as quickly as possible.

However, it is not just the academics in the energy sector that can benefit from education. The benefits and ramifications of fuel cell & hydrogen technologies are important to a wide range of human activities, and it is essential to introduce these technologies to academics in multiple sectors. Fuel Cell Markets believes that helping academia in general to learn more about these emerging technologies and so taking them into consideration in their general thinking, we can help create a greater demand in a shorter timescale.

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Industries are themselves very important consumers of fuel cell & hydrogen technologies. Creating demand for particular products, technologies and energy solutions on an individual basis serves to create demand for the technologies as a whole.

Creating demand for particular products and technologies within the industry itself is a vital aspect of Fuel Cell Markets’ activities.

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