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Cost Competitive Hydrogen Electrolyser Stacks for Electrolyser Developers and Fuel Cell System Integrators

Acta Energy’s electrolyser stacks produce dry, pure and compressed hydrogen at 30 bar. Innovative technology, using an anionic solid polymeric membrane, patented by ACTA, allows the combination of quality hydrogen production with costs competitive to those of liquid electrolyte electrolysers
Acta S.p.A

PEM Fuel Cell Stack Designed to Operate on Reformate Gas for Transport and Stationary Applications

Powercell’s LTPEM (low temperature proton exchange membrane) stack has been designed to work with reformate gas (>45% H2, <50 ppm CO with Airbleed support), making it ideal for transport and

High Power Density Fuel Cell Stack for System Integrators and Developers

PowerCell’s fuel cell stack design allows the use of hydrogen or reformate gas for a wide range of applications including stationary and automotive markets. We are interested to talk with fuel cell system integrators and developers who would like to explore our technology

CEKA is a reliable partner for system integrators

CEKA AG has industrialized fuel cell technology made in Switzerland. The result is a new product line of PEM Stacks: the IHPoS-SA product line

Tar Reforming Catalyst for Gasification and Fuel Processing Applications

NexTech’s non-precious metal catalyst is effective for steam and dry reforming of tars and methane in gasified biomass. This catalyst provides exceptional stability during reforming of simulated biomass gasifier exhaust in the presence of ethane, ethylene and H2S
NexTech Materials, Ltd

Seeking Fuel Cell System Integrators to Develop Next Generation Stationary Power Solutions

For stationary power applications specifically we are looking for system integrators who are interested in incorporating our range of 1 – 30 kW fuel cell stacks in their system designs

HEXIM - Improved Thermal Management of SOFC, MCFC, PEM and HTPEM Fuel Cell and Reformer Systems

HEXIM™ is an economical insulation housing providing convective (or conductive) system thermal management with integrated air manifolds. HEXIM™ increases overall system efficiency by routing recuperated heat via integrated ducting
ENrG Incorporated

Range Extension for Electric Vehicles

EnerFuel’s High Temperature PEM fuel cell provides the benefit of high power density, the ability to use traditional and readily available fuels (diesel, gasoline, methanol, and others), and lower costs through a reduction of Balance of Plan

Seeking South American Representatives for our SOFC, PEM and DMFC Products

Fuel Cell Materials was established in 2000, as a wholly owned division of NexTech Materials, Ltd. to commercialize innovative ceramic materials technology and products developed by NexTech
Fuel Cell Materials

Looking to form Partnerships with Methanol Reformer Developers for Fuel Cell Markets

We are looking to form partnerships with methanol reformer developers to provide a complete cartridge and fuelling infrastructure solution to the fuel cell industry
Hayman Ltd

Improve Thermal Management of HTPEM Stacks

HEXIM™, a unique compact integrated packaging material / solution, enables system management of three functions with one component: heat exchanger, insulation and manifolding
ENrG Incorporated

Seeking Asian Distributors and Sales Agents for our PEM Testing Equipment

Pragma Industries is looking for distributors and sales agents in China, Korea and India
Pragma Industries

Advanced Catalytic Heat Exchanger Platform for Fuel Cell Developers

Founded in 2001, Catacel is a Northeast Ohio-based company that designs and manufactures catalytic heat-exchanging materials that enable breakthroughs in production and energy efficiency. Catacel
Fuel Cell Materials

NexTech Materials Commercial Services is seeking clients for volume manufacturing and supply of custom SOFC components or constituent materials

NexTech Materials is pleased to announce the expansion of our production volume for SOFC materials and components. As an industry leader for fifteen years, NexTech develops and provides industry-
NexTech Materials, Ltd

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