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LS600 Fuel Cell Test Stand from Pragma Industries

The LS600 is the best solution for PEM fuel cell stack testing up to 600W. The table-top chassis integrates all the functionalities required to achieve efficient and accurate results: gas management, load management, stack configuration, data acquisition
Pragma Industries

Fuel Cell Stack from Pragma Industries, designed for testing

Pragma Industries has developed a stack built for advanced research in system design and for MEA developers who wish to evaluate their products in scalable stacks. Universities might be very interested to explore the stack and test it under different conditions
Pragma Industries

Onsite Hydrogen Production

Modular electrolyser producing hydrogen gas, for storing energy, for use as a clean fuel or process gas. Makes clean hydrogen from water … an end to bottled gas deliveries and a start to producing hydrogen where and when you need it
ITM Power

Order a book about the „Hydrogen Society“ and get one HZwei-issue for free.

The publisher Hydrogeit Verlag presents the new book from Arno A. Evers “Hydrogen Society – More than just a vision?”. Order it now and get an issue of the magazine HZwei for free

Quiet and Low Carbon Fuel Cell Trailer Available for Powering UK Festivals and Events

Logan Energy has built fuel cell trailer designed as a fuel cell outreach and demonstration tool for use at festivals and events. The unit can be used as a power source for a wide range of applications at events
Logan Energy Limited

ClearPak Premium Experiment Training Set for Colleges, Universites and Educational Applications

We are now proposing the Premium version of our Fuel Cell Training Set. It includes several additional tools such as H2 pressure reducer, FC temperature sensor and display, air breathing compression plate, calibrated torque screwdriver, additional H2 storage and spare parts
Pragma Industries

Seeking South American Representatives for our SOFC, PEM and DMFC Products

Fuel Cell Materials was established in 2000, as a wholly owned division of NexTech Materials, Ltd. to commercialize innovative ceramic materials technology and products developed by NexTech
Fuel Cell Materials

PEM Fuel Cell Testing and Educational Equipment Packages for Universities and Research Institutes

Pragma Industries is an innovative supplier of fuel cell test equipment. From single cell testing to stack integration, Pragma Industries will find the response to your technical requirements
Pragma Industries

Hydrogen Electrolysis Equipment for Research and Development Laboratories

For laboratory and scientific needs, hydrogen is used as an ultra high purity fuel and reducing agent. HOGEN® hydrogen generation systems are well-suited to provide ultra high purity hydrogen as a carrier gas with consistent composition and predictable low levels of oxygen and nitrogen
Proton OnSite

Looking to Form Partnerships with Organisations in the Marine Industry

Hydrogen and fuel cells bring a number of advantages to the marine sector, and are ready for trials and demonstrations in a number of marine applications
Marine Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association e.V. (MHFCA)

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