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LSFMC Powder

Surface Area: 2.4 m2/g
Nominal Composition: (La0.8Sr0.2)0.95Fe0.6Mn0.3Co0.1O3
Fuel Cell Materials

LSF40 (9-12 m2/g)

Surface Area: 9.3 m 2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.25 µm
Nominal Composition: La0.6Sr0.4FeO3-d
Fuel Cell Materials

Lanthanum Manganite Cathode Powder (5% A-site def.)

Current Stock: 1.3 Kg
Fuel Cell Materials

Lanthanum Manganite Cathode Powder (10% A-site def.)

Surface Area: 7.2 m 2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.36 µm
Nominal Composition: La0.90MnO3-d
Fuel Cell Materials

SDC15-N Powder

Surface Area: 220 m2/g 
Nominal Composition: Sm0.15Ce0.85O2-d

Fuel Cell Materials

SDC20 (>40m2/g)

Powder suitable for tape casting, ink manufacture, pellet pressing and other non-aqueous manufacturing processes
Fuel Cell Materials

LSCF Powder

Formulation: Various available
Surface Area: Various available
Fuel Cell Materials

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