Translucent Electrolyte Simplifies Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrode Alignment


Durable in harsh environments and lightweight, ENrG Inc.’s self-supporting yet flexible ceramic is so thin you can see through it

ENrG Inc.’s latest in a series of videos showcasing the unique properties of Thin E-Strate® highlights the optical quality, robustness and flexibility of the Ultra-Thin ceramic substrate. The newest video illustrates the ability to bend the 3mol% Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (3YSZ) substrate around a 1.27 cm. radius rod and remain self-supporting under exposure to a blow torch. Thin E-Strate® is so translucent, critical alignment of electrodes or other key coatings or components is made easier. In previous videos the low thermal mass of Thin E-Strate® enables the ceramic to withstand the thermal stress and thermal shock of alternating between the extreme temperatures of a blow torch and liquid nitrogen.

Thin E-Strate® technology provides the basis for producing thin, flexible ceramic substrates. The density, high strength and chemically inert properties of the fired material result in gas tight membranes that are excellent choices for severe environment and/or extreme temperature applications. The material properties required for performance in challenging SOFC operating environments may be the ideal for demanding performance requirements in other applications:

  • Thermal shock resistance for harsh environments such as cryogenics or non-planar heaters
  • High strength and chemical resistance for in-situ monitoring for vacuum technology
  • Electro-chemical or ionic conductivity for electrolysis or gas separation 
  • Scalable form factor for solar substrates and various sensors
  • Electrically insulating with low thermal conductivity for electrical circuits
  • Light weight, thin profile and/or flexibility for microelectronics packaging miniaturization 
  • Accepts coatings, catalysts and electronic circuitry via standard application methods

Evaluate the 40µ thick Thin E-Strate® through one of the standard kits available:

  • 10-pack of 25mm diameter substrates
  • 6-pack of 20mm x 50mm
  • 5-pack of 40mm diameter
  • 3-pack of 50mm x 50mm
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