Auxiliary Power Unit/Range Extender Available for Transportation Applications

Battery technology for electric vehicles has finite energy storage capacity. This limits the practical energy carried by the vehicle and the vehicle driving range. Since the energy carried by a fuel cell system is primarily dependent on the amount of fuel that is carried, rather than the size of the fuel cell itself, fuel cells have a much higher energy density than advanced batteries. For example, a biodiesel fuel cell system can be expected to produce ~10kWh of electrical power per gallon of fuel. In other words with 2 gallons of fuel the system would deliver the same amount of energy than an advanced automotive battery of 20kWh.

EnerFuel uses HTPEM fuel cells in its proprietary fuel cell design. HTPEM fuel cells offer significant advantages over traditional low temperature PEM systems:

  • System complexity – HTPEM fuel cells require less balance of plant components. The cost of these components becomes a larger proportion of the total system cost for LTPEM at smaller system sizes.
  • Fuel Flexibility – HTPEM fuel cells have a higher tolerance to CO and impurities than LTPEM, this means that either lower quality hydrogen can be used or an onboard reformer can be integrated to utilize readily available hydrocarbon fuels such as LPG, NG, Hythane, BioDiesel, Ethanol or Methanol

EnerFuel is developing a platform of HTPEM fuel cell systems for electric vehicle applications; the units available for evaluation by vehicle OEMs and system integrators are 1kW and 3kW systems.

Figure 1. 1kW integrated fuel cell power module with air-cooling system, embedded controls and power conditioner.

Figure 2. 3kW integrated ethanol truck APU including reformer, power conditioner, and embedded controls.

EnerFuel is seeking:

  • Electric Vehicle OEM partners
  • Fleet Vehicle operators who are interested in fuel cell electric vehicles
  • Universities, which work on Range Extenders for Hybrid or Electric Vehicles


  • Range Extension of Cars
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Police and emergency vehicles
  • Idle eliminators

Features of EnerFuel’s High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell system:

  • Simple
    • No radiator required for cooling
    • High operating temperature eliminates water management and balance problems
  • Greater Efficiency
    • Reduced ancillary loads due to reduction of balance of plant
  • Low Cost
    • Simplicity - low capital costs
    • Efficiency - low recurring costs
  • Operates at 140-180°C
  • High CO tolerance
  • Embedded control software
  • Integrated power conditioning
  • Serial data output
  • Customized management software
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