ElectroPhen® Bi-Polar plates available for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells DMFC

Bac2 has developed ElectroPhen®, a family of conductive composites, based on its patented electrically conductive binder that has been optimised for bipolar plates used in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. The key benefits of ElectroPhen® are its low cost and ease of moulding, making scale-up to mass production rapid, predictable and economical.


  • Reduced Fuel Cell Stack Cost; 
  • Earlier Move to Moulded Plates;
  • Optimised Stack Design.
Property Value Units
Density 1.79 g/cm3
Flexural strength 32 MPa
Shore “D” Hardness 71  
In-plane electrical conductivity 130 S/cm
Through-plane conductivity 40* S/cm
Surface resistance 0.254
Thermal Conductivity 44 W/mK
Temperature stability 180 oC

The absolute performance of this material is dependent on the form factor of the component moulded. The above results were achieved using a selection of moulded test pieces. *Based on 3mm thickness and includes surface resistance

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