Solar PV Electrolyser producing hydrogen for a refuelling station

HIDRO SELF POWER is a compact, easy to transport and assemble Hydrogen refuelling system, which generates hydrogen from clean solar energy, without any environmental impact in absolute autonomy. The 1kW photovoltaic canopy transfers solar energy to Acta’s hydrogen generator HSP200 that transforms and accumulates solar energy in pure, compressed and dry hydrogen fuel, consuming only distilled water. The Hydrogen storage capacity is 1200Nl.

HIDRO SELF POWER canopy takes limited space (approximately 3m x 2m) and could be easily installed anywhere.

We are looking for Hydrogen consumers who want an independent source of hydrogen for their home energy, boats or vehicles.

Photovoltaic canopy data

Dimensione aperta - Installed dimensions Dimensione chiusa - folding dimensions Peso
Capacità fotovoltaica
Photovoltaic capacity
3465 mm L - 2020 mm W - 2385 mm H 3465 mm L - 2900 mm W - 425 mm H 260 kg Alluminio
1 KWp

Dati generatore di idrogeno HSP200
hydrogen generator HSP200 data

H2 production rate 200 Nl/h
Water tank volume 8 l
Water consumption  0.171 l/h
Power supply options DC from PV
H2 stored 1200 Nl
    H2 pressure 30 bar / 3 MPa
Dimension (max) mm 650 L / 600 W / 1356,5 H
 Dimension (max) inch 25.6 L / 23.6 W / 53.4 H



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