Materials Processing

HOGENŽ hydrogen generation systems are an efficient, reliable and productivity-enhancing means to provide hydrogen for materials processing applications such as:

  • Heat treating
  • Bright annealing
  • Brazing
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Glass-to-metal sealing
  • High performance coatings

HOGEN hydrogen generation systems are easy to permit, easy to install, and operate automatically. They are designed for 24/7/365 operation and start-up in under 5 minutes and produce pure, dry hydrogen at 200+ psig for use in 100% hydrogen atmospheres, or for blending with delivered or generated nitrogen to provide high purity synthetic atmospheres.

Compared to dissociated ammonia, exo or endo gas, HOGEN hydrogen is drier, purer and safer to use because there is no inventory of flammable or poisonous gas. As compared to DA, HOGEN hydrogen generation systems can be used in a calibrated hydrogen-nitrogen mixture, from 95%N2-5%H2 for carbon steel annealing, P/M and brazing, to 100% hydrogen for stainless steel annealing.

A HOGEN hydrogen generation system completely eliminates the need for delivery and storage of hazardous gases, such as ammonia or hydrogen. When paired with generated nitrogen, a HOGEN hydrogen generator system can eliminate gas deliveries and storage entirely.

Material Processing Products


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