LS600 Fuel Cell Tester

Main specifications

  • Electronic load: 660 W
  • Maximum current: 132 A
  • Voltage range: 0 - 150 V
  • Anode flow: 0.1 - 10 slpm
  • Cathode flow: 0.4 - 36 slpm
  • 4 temperature PID controllers

Key features

  • Powerful yet simple to use real-time software
  • Built-in precision and reliable instrumentation
  • Table-top design
  • Software and hardware safety interlocks
  • Gas humidification by sparger bottles
  • Design flexibility

The LS600 is the best solution to start fuel cell stacks testing up to 600W. The table-top chassis integrates all the functionalities required to achieve efficient and accurate results in stack testing: gas management, load management, stack configuration, data acquisition. LS600 fuel cell tester connects directly to a PC through RS485 and USB links for quick installation and ease-of-use. Accessories can be added to extend the capabilities of the station and tailor it to your technical needs.

The LS600 is operated by the powerful FC Manager Software. FC Manager gives full control to the user on tester functionalities with real-time graphs display. The easy-to-use and variable graphical interface allows on-the-fly parameters setting as well as test sequence programming. The station is served by a state-of-the-art electronic load with zero volt capability up to 132 Amps. The load control is fully embedded in FC Manager with the level of automation required by professional users.

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