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Article Fuel Cell Compression Unit (Video) 7/19/2011
Fuel Cell Compression Unit (Video)Fuel Cell testing with the Cell Compression Unit

Article Fuel Cell Stack Explainned (Video) 6/3/2011
Fuel Cell Stack Explainned (Video)Fuel cell stack assembly described. Proton exchange membrane fuel cell components are shown in details. Starting from a 5-cells stack, 2 cells are added to complete a 7-cells stack. Assembling process is described step by step. Comments in English.

Pragma Industries is exhibiting at the 6th Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo, March 3-5     A metal oxide alternative to carbon as catalyst support in low-temperature fuel cells      Iron to replace platinum in PEM fuel cells anytime soon?     400 000 euros for hydrogen fuel cells     

At Pragma Industries We believe in a bright future for fuel cells, relieving energy global stress and providing durable solution for environment. Our mission is to supply the fuel cell industry with efficient research tools to accelerate fuel cells development.

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