Fronius Energy Cell 25F - 2kW Fuel Cell

2kW Fuel Cell System for Backup Power, Domesitc Energy Storage and Off Grid / Remote Power Applications

The stationary Fronius Energy Cell

The autonomous energy solution: with the Fronius Energy Cell.

The Fronius Energy Cell comprises an entire system of regenerative energy creation and storage. The final version will fulfil two roles - performing electrolysis and the function of the fuel cell.

A PV system (1) converts sunlight into direct current, which is then either converted into alternating current by an inverter (4) and channelled to the consumers (red arrow), or (should any power not be needed straight away) used to decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen = electrolysis function of the Energy Cell (2). The hydrogen is then stored in a hydrogen tank (3). Stored hydrogen is converted back into electricity (2) using the fuel cell function of the Energy Cell when it is needed, i.e. when no power is being generated by the solar modules. Clean, emission-free energy is now available for use at all times (blue arrow).

The fuel cell function (hydrogen into electricity) of the Fronius Energy Cell is already ready for mass production. In the next version of the Fronius Energy Cell the electrolysis function will also be fully integrated.


Clean energy - On tap whenever it's needed

The Fronius Energy Cell is the world's first TV Sd certified hydrogen-powered fuel cell system that generates electricity without any emissions whatsoever. It converts the energy stored in hydrogen directly into electrical power - safely and extremely efficiently. The advantages include:

  • Very high overall efficiency
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Comprehensive range of safety features
  • Simple, user-friendly operation and maintenance


Technical Data


Fronius Energy Cell 25F

Fuel Hydrogen 5.0 (other purity grades on request)
Hydrogen supply pressure 5 - 15 bar / 72.49 - 217.48 psi
Hydrogen consumption < 1,7 Nm/h / 60.71 cfh
Cooling air inlet / outlet 700 Nm/h / 25000 cfh
Venting of hydrogen
(H2 input pressure relief device)
< 10 Nm/h / < 357.14 cfh
Reaction chamber exhaust air < 65 Nm/h / < 2321 cfh
Reaction condensate
(pure water, completely desalinated)
< 2 l/h / < .53 gal/h
ELECTRICAL DATA Fronius Energy Cell 25F
DC continuous output power 2 kW
System voltage 24 - 30 V DC
Maximum output current 82 A
System efficiency up to 47 %
Data interface USB, CAN
GENERAL DATA Fronius Energy Cell 25F
Degree of protection IP 20
Marks of conformity CE, TV Sd Fuel Cell Safety
Safety standard EN 62282-5-1:2007
Dimensions (l x w x h) 850 x 470 x 850 mm / 33.46 x 18.5 x 33.46 in.
Weight 125 kg / 275.58 lb.
Permissible ambient temperature
(at 95 % rel. humidity)
+3 C to +40 C / 37.4 F to 104 F
Permissible storage temperature
(at  95 % rel. humidity)
+3 C to +50 C / 37.4 F to 122 F
Height above sea level max. 2000 m / 6500 ft.

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