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Article International customer references for Fronius Energy Cell 6/7/2011
Reference for Fronius energy cell for backup power and solar PV renewable energy storage

Article Fronius sells first Energy Cells 7/19/2010
In June 2010 Fronius International GmbH sold the first two Energy Cells in the 4 KW power category. The cells convert solar hydrogen into power without producing any byproducts that are harmful to the

Fronius Energy Cell converts hydrogen produced from solar energy into power     The HyLOG project     Frauscher boatyard     

Ensuring a year-round autonomous energy supply involving photovoltaics was previously only possible by having environmentally-damaging diesel generators to fall back on. Fronius has found a new solution - the Fronius Energy Cell. In future, the Energy Cell can be used to convert excess energy into hydrogen for storage, converting it back into useful power when needed.

Fronius Energy Cell Stationary

At the heart of the Fronius Energy Cell concept lies the fuel cell (hydrogen into power), which is already TÜV certified and ready for mass production.

Fronius Energy Cell Portable

The part of the Fronius Energy Cell that is already ready for mass production and that can also be used in mobile applications. Find out about successful example projects here.