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CEKA Elektrowerkzeuge AG & Co.KG in Wattwil is part of the worldwide active KRESS Group. In its 30th year of existence the company in the Wattwil glass palace is brimming with health. The changeover from a developer and manufacturer of power tools to an engineering service provider for all production industries in Switzerland and neighbouring countries is accompanied by great economic successes. Around 110 employees achieved a turnover of around CHF 42 million in 2008. Well filled product pipelines are a positive indication for a successful jubilee year in 2009. The region around the CEKA site profits from this company success with around CHF 12 million per year. Furthermore we are currently training 10 apprentices in various technical professions.

In order to carry out these services, the company has created a modern working environment, professional development tools and an excellent test infrastructure for their highly qualified employees. In this ideal environment profitable growth thrives with a high level of innovation, process orientation and customer proximity.

 Our process orientation aims to optimise the benefits for customers regarding the solution to their problems. According to customer wishes CEKA offers various service fields of which one or several can be booked:

  • One-Stop-Shopping
  • Electromechanical devices
  • Tools and mould building
  • Electronics
  • Fuel cells

Using the modern CEKA machinery the production of small and medium sized series can be carried out according to ISO 9001:2000.

Even looking into the future is positive in difficult times. With a flat organisational structure, team spirit, process orientation, worldwide acquisition, continuous improvement processes (CIP) as well as innovative work and management methods we are well placed in the global competitive environment. Our product pipeline is well filled. This year we will get people talking about us and ensure the future of our work places in Toggenburg with continual top performance, thanks to products which are ready to market, sometimes with groundbreaking innovations.

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