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Article 30 years of CEKA -
Source of innovative product ideas
CEKA Elektrowerkzeuge AG & Co.KG in Wattwil is part of the worldwide active KRESS Group. In its 30th year of existence the company in the Wattwil glass palace is brimming with health

Article 30 years of CEKA -
Areas of service
Electronics, tool and mould building, fuel cells

When developing the IHPoS products CEKA AG focussed specifically on the highest quality and reliability as well as cost optimised production.

"Made in Switzerland"

  • From the fuel cell to the customer specific fuel cell systems including hydrogen supply.
  • CEKA AG bundled their competencies in the area of fuel cell technology into the business field IHPoS.
  • Together with the Bern Technical University, Biel (BFH – TI) and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), CEKA AG developed fuel cell technology “Made in Switzerland” into a ready to market product.

Swiss Technology Award

The system simplifying and cost optimising technology of IHPoS-S stacks were awarded the Swiss Technology Award 2007 and 2 special prizes from the ABB and the Federal Ministry for Energy (BFE).

PDF "Prize winner STA"
PDF "Special prize ABB"
PDF "Special prize BFE"

The business field IHPos includes three product families

  • IHPoS-S – air cooled PEM stacks with self regulating internal humidification
  • IHPoS-E – Modular autonomously working fuel cell systems for hydrogen and/or reformate gas
  • IHPoS-C – complete customer specific solution including hydrogen supply

Fuel cells – knowledge

By using electrolysis the water was divided into its components, hydrogen and oxygen under the influence of the electrical current. The fuel cell reverses this process. From hydrogen and oxygen (air), electrical current, heat and pure water are generated.

Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM), fuel cell