Low Cost Volume Metal Fuel Cell Plate Manufacturing

Metal bipolar plates are one of the major components of a fuel cell. Its effectiveness and cost efficiency are closely related to the quality of the bi-polar plates.

With their innovative Hydrogate technology, Borit are able to provide a low cost solution from prototyping to series production, accompanied by high design flexibility e. g. with steep angles and low radii.

Design & operational flexibility

  • Fast prototyping for short innovation cycle
  • High & equal degree of deformation, resulting in deep & narrow geometries
  • Forming of all relevant metal-alloys for fuel cells possible: stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, Ni-based alloys, etc.
  • Wide range of sheet thicknesses, typically 0.1 to 0.5 mm

Excellent quality

  • Controlled flow of material with outstanding sheet flatness after forming
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy & repeatability


  • Limited die cost
  • Efficient production process, due to continuous production method from coil and short cycle times.

Additional advantages

  • Finishing (cutting, coating, welding) done in-house or at trusted partners.
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