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Fronius is a company that has taken on the task of designing a sustainable future. Research into renewable sources of energy is at the top of our list of priorities. With the development of a practical energy cell concept, we have taken yet another step closer to this future.

The use of a fuel cell as an additional energy source is not only better for the environment, but often much less expensive because it enables you to significantly reduce the size of the solar generator and accumulator.

The Fronius Energy Cell is more than just a fuel cell: It is a total regenerative energy supply system: A photovoltaic system supplies the power used to operation an electrolyzer. This separates water into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen is saved and then converted into energy as needed by the fuel cell. An ingenious energy management system provides the highest efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In this way, we developed a hybrid fuel cell system with integrated backup storage which makes clean, emission-free energy a sustainable and practical reality. The results have been nothing less than spectacular lighting the way to the future.


  4600 Wels-Thalheim,
  Günter-Fronius-Straße 1

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