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Website 1Website 1www.loganenergy.com
Type of company: Fuel Cell Service Provider
Category: SME
Areas of expertise: Design,installation,commissioning, operating & maintenance of FC powered systems
Number of Employees: 3 (UK)
Status of company: International
In-house Research? No

We design, integrate, install, commission and operate, power and CH/CCP or tri-generation systems. we provide financing streams for these systems or will operate them on a power supply contract or as an Esco (in association with Scottish and Southern Energy). In the UK we presently operate 10 systems and are in the throes of installing 3 more of which 2 are 200 kWe tri-generation systems. Globally we operate over 130 systems totalling more than 12 MWe of capacity. We have operated exclusively in the Fuel Cell market place for 15 years.


  UK Office
  10 York Place
  EH1 3EP
  United Kingdom

Contact Information

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